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HR Foundation is an not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the Women Empowerment, Chile Education at local, regional, national levels. It is phone track combination of individuals, educators and groupsit.medadvice.net throughout the world who are dedicated to great human values and their issues.

https://www.slotsups.comHR Foundation is founded in the remembrance of husband of, Rita Desai. Till now not too much people are aware about human rights. So we started russian wives our missirtings headphoneson to help society.

Its purpose is to provide human rights educational resources and activities that inform, assist and unite individuals, educators, organizations and governmental www.es.medadvice.net/premier-miracle-noir-mask/bodies in the dissemination and adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at every level of society.

We focus on the empowerment of women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination; and suffer abuse and violations, entitlements and access and control over resources. When equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice.

About Hemant Desai

Every person has their own set of thoughts about life.

A few of them has some different analogy, “Spread Love and help others with Smile on the face putting aside their own thousand difficulties and problems” // “No matter they are covered/dealing with thousands difficulties and problems in their life, they will spread Love and help, encourage others with a Smile on their face “

Yes…This kind of unique name is attached with this organisation. “Hemant Desai”.

Hemant was born on 3rd July,1981. As per Hindu calendar he was born on Ashadi Beej. It is the 2nd day of Shukla paksha of Aashaadha month.

Hemant lost the shadow of his Father Mafatbhai Desai when he was http://domyhomework.pro/ very young. Her Mother Jayaben Mafatbhai Desai had struggled a lot to nurture all the 4 kids.

Hemant’s mother Jayaben, elder sister Ashaben(1st child), elder sister Jagrutiben(2nd child) and elder brother Manishbhai(3rd child) has played a vital role in his life’s struggle.

At the age of playing games he had been helpful to his family by doing very hard work. He developed enough maturity by life’s lessons from the very young age. He always help others no matter how difficultiesнайти работу в саратове he is facing. And that’s how he got support of his friends and their families to start a new business in land and construction line. He was very Diligent and hard working and he learned a lot in this line.

In 2009, He got a chance to study in London. With a lot of dreams in the eyes and a hope on heart he went to London for further studies.He got admission in Birmingham College. He met a gujarati girl named Rita Patel from the village Pundhra daughter of Ramanbhai Jibhaidas Patel and Gomtiben Ramanbhai Patel. They help each other with the studies and started spending time with each other. Gradually a feeling of love poured between them and destiny lead them to be one soul and two bodies. On 28th January 2011 they come back to India and tied the knot.

There was a downward steep in their beautiful story. with their inter cast marriage they faced a lot of troubles and problems from the society. and Struggle continues…

Both of them were very matured enough and decided to face the situation patiently. They cooperate each other so well.

As troubles never left the good persons…

hemant has a nature to trust people easily and that lead him to a big financial loss. So they started their marriage life a society’s struggle as well as financial trouble.

but they never lose hope and continued their good and hard work. Rita and Hemant both shared the same thoughts and same principles in their lives and that made easy for them to face all the problems. With the Great skills, an unbelievable level of patience, smartness and continuous hard work, he got success in his land business.

Even after achieving success in his life he never stops thinking of helping others. and he started working on achieving the dreams and give a better life style to the Rita’s family, his family and Hemant’s friends. so that no one else would need to suffer in the life what he had.

With the failure or success, good days or bad days, Hemant already dreamed to help a big crowd through their work and to establish their own NGO to help aged and abandoned people, to help and encourage ladies. Rita always stands with Hemant with his dream. They already planned how they can be helpful to others in their different stages of their lives.

But before they build their first step towards their dream, Hemant got a Heart attack on 14th of January 2019. And He left the world. It was the black day in their lives.

Rita become alone and she was on her own with the sudden farewell of Hemant. what she had was Hemant’s memories and his unfinished dreams. After the departure of Hemant both the families give tremendous support to Rita. She had nothing left in the life, they had watched the world together and now she is not able to see anything in this illusive world.

One day, Rita dreamed to complete Hemant’s dream and make herself alive for the unfinished tasks of Hemant’s life. And she managed to open the NGO, HR Organisations, In the memory of her beloved husband Hemant.

To achieve this Monumental task is not one person’s job. There are a lot of names attached with this. And I would like to give a Special thanks to a few of them to help achieving Hemant’s incomplete dream, Pramodaben Sutariya who is similar to mother for Rita, Rita’s best friend Nilam Panchal, Rita’s younger brother Naimesh, Hemant’s co-worker brother Jigneshbhai and a many more people, Thanks for giving me a way for the rest of my life.

Many people has worked for the Organisation without thinking of their own time and even without being paid for their tasks.

Hasuben, Bhartiben, Taraben, Linaben and their families have given a huge support.

Families are the most important support and there is nothing wothout family. Thanking you all the beloved members of both the families.

Now, Rita and her co-workers has completed Hemant’s dream by establishing HR Foundation NGO. I would correct the previous sentence, not completed the dream but started Hemant’s Dream by helping a number of people. They have empowered people by giving them employment.

Hemant’s dream kept Hemant alive and so Rita.